Why publishing every day probably isn’t the best idea and other insights I learned from Umberto Eco.

Write every day, don’t publish every day

I truly believe that writing daily is the most important factor in mastering the art of writing. As I explained in a previous article, as an aspiring writer the key to success lies in an initial high effort. …

A guide to living seasonally and in harmony with the natural cycles of the Earth

A few years ago, we had an unseen hot and dry summer that somehow managed to directly shift into a wet yet mild winter. This upset me. What happened to autumn?

There’s no point in denying it: the concept of the four seasons as we know them is slowly vanishing

A short guide to time management, generalism, and the importance of initial effort.

I love to do tons of stuff. I admit it, I just have too many interests. First of all, there is writing. Then there’s also making music, homesteading, gardening and of course family time. Oh yes, there’s also this part-time job, and my small freelance business making videos. …

What I learned from Jorge Luis Borges, one of my all-time favorite writers.

I believe that one of the prime ways to be inspired is to read a lot. That’s why I like how Medium works. It feels somewhat like the YouTube of the written word. I can easily switch between topics, publications, ideas, and content of all sorts, lose track of time…

Micha van Amsterdam

Simple, sustainable lifestyle design, self-sufficiency and local, perennial culture.

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