Dig the earth, reconnect with nature, and trigger positive change.

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The connection between unlimited growth, earth exploitation, and the key to a happy life.

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Why publishing every day probably isn’t the best idea and other insights I learned from Umberto Eco.

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Write every day, don’t publish every day

I truly believe that writing daily is the most important factor in mastering the art of writing. As I explained in a previous article, as an aspiring writer the key to success lies in an initial high effort. This investment of time will later on in one’s career pay off in high dividends.

And why it’s about time to start living in the now.

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A guide to living seasonally and in harmony with the natural cycles of the Earth

Part of our garden and orchard (Photo provided by author)

A short guide to time management, generalism, and the importance of initial effort.

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Reduce your needs, embrace limits and discover true beauty.

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A permacultural view on personal economics.

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What I learned from Jorge Luis Borges, one of my all-time favorite writers.

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Micha van Amsterdam

Simple, sustainable lifestyle design, self-sufficiency and local, perennial culture.

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