Dig the earth, reconnect with nature, and trigger positive change.

I’ve made it into a habit to take a little stroll in my backyard every day. From the backdoor, I’ll take a trampled footpath that leads to the chicken pasture. I’ll pass through the vegetable patch and the orchard next to it, checking the health and conditions of the crops…

The connection between unlimited growth, earth exploitation, and the key to a happy life.

We’re addicted to growth. We want to grow as persons. We want to grow our knowledge and grow our skillset. We want to grow in our endeavors and grow our businesses. We feel that this is the right thing to do.

Growth seems natural. Imagine a seed that slowly germinates…

Why publishing every day probably isn’t the best idea and other insights I learned from Umberto Eco.

Write every day, don’t publish every day

I truly believe that writing daily is the most important factor in mastering the art of writing. As I explained in a previous article, as an aspiring writer the key to success lies in an initial high effort. …

And why it’s about time to start living in the now.

Isn’t it weird that the moment seems to be forever forgotten in this age of eternal progression and instant speed? Too often it feels that this perpetual motion machine called time is almost impossible to stop.

Nevertheless, the past always seems to catch up, with its tricky ways of luring…

A guide to living seasonally and in harmony with the natural cycles of the Earth

A few years ago, we had an unseen hot and dry summer that somehow managed to directly shift into a wet yet mild winter. This upset me. What happened to autumn?

There’s no point in denying it: the concept of the four seasons as we know them is slowly vanishing

A short guide to time management, generalism, and the importance of initial effort.

I love to do tons of stuff. I admit it, I just have too many interests. First of all, there is writing. Then there’s also making music, homesteading, gardening and of course family time. Oh yes, there’s also this part-time job, and my small freelance business making videos. …

Reduce your needs, embrace limits and discover true beauty.

Basically, we’re all walking contradictions. For example: right now, as I write these words, I’m sitting in the cozy comfort of my centrally heated living room, surrounded by modern technology. It almost feels sacrilegious to criticize this high living standard we take for granted. …

A permacultural view on personal economics.

“Today is already the tomorrow which the bad economist yesterday urged us to ignore.” Henry Hazlitt — Economics In One Lesson

I have this strange tendency to connect everything I do to nature. That’s not so hard of course, as I do tend to spend the majority of my free…

What I learned from Jorge Luis Borges, one of my all-time favorite writers.

I believe that one of the prime ways to be inspired is to read a lot. That’s why I like how Medium works. It feels somewhat like the YouTube of the written word. I can easily switch between topics, publications, ideas, and content of all sorts, lose track of time…

Forget money, do less and be more like a tree

The other day I was taking a stroll through our little patch of land; a newly grown forest we planted in winter. It’s a somewhat melancholic feeling to understand that these young alders, ashes, cherries, and oaks will easily outlive…

Micha van Amsterdam

Simple, sustainable lifestyle design, self-sufficiency and local, perennial culture.

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